About the Shop: 
In the Automotive Business for 20+ years, Tim Day has seen what the large Auto Repair chains have evolved into, with high overhead and prices passed on to customers, poor customer service, and un-trustworthiness in recommended repairs.
Our goal was simple: bring back the local neighborhood repair shop that you used to be able to depend on, the place you could go where people knew your name and more importantly, your car's story. A place you could depend on for quality work with ASE certified mechanics, reasonable prices, and a personal touch.
Dayes Automotive Center is just that - we cater to the local area, we do not inflate our prices to cover high corporate costs as we are a family-owned business, and we are a place where strong support for the community and our veterans live through participation in organizations like the Boy Scouts of America (we are Scouters!).
In opening our shop, we hope to create the place where you know you will have an honest ally that will work with you on how best to fill your need for dependable and reliable car care at the right price - all with the integrity of people whose kids are growing up to respect people and not the dollar!

Tim Day, Owner

Tim has grown up in the automotive business and has been heavily involved for over 25 years. He come from a family of “car guys”, his father owning several shops and dealerships throughout Canada and the US.
Originally from Canada, Tim was the first to introduce the Smart Car to the US and is 1 of 60 registered automotive importers in the country.
Passionate about serving others, Tim has long been worried about the lack of honesty in the auto repair and maintenance industry, observing firsthand some dishonest and deceitful behavior of competitors and was determined to do something about it.
Dayes Automotive center is the result – an honest, local (non-national chain) shop that serves the community, not big corporate interests.
Tim is married with 1 son and 3 dogs he is also a Boy Scout troop leader. He loves what he does and is always willing to lend a hand.

Jack Reigelsperger, Service Manager

Jack Reigelsperger, former owner of Sick Customs, is a Certified L1 Advanced Master Mechanic with over 20 years of experience. His talents focus on the overall mechanics of a vehicle, but he also hones in on full and custom restorations if that is what the job calls for. Jack is also a Certified Master Welder and a Certified Master Auto Body Re-finisher rounding out his skills to really tackle his projects with passion. 
Do we dare say it?? Jack is the ultimate “jack-of-all-trades” in the automotive industry—covering with skill everything from basic mechanical repairs and fleet management, to metal fabrication, performance engines, custom air suspension and lift kits, to wiring harnesses, body and paint.

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