Best Oil Change In Phoenix, AZ

Dayes Automotive believe in quality car maintenance, especially oil changes, at affordable prices for Phoenix and surrounding cities.

Oil changes are an un-loved necessity.  Most people know it has to be done, but few really understand why.

Scotty does a great job explaining this in this video.

Oil is your car's life-blood.  If you do nothing else, getting this one thing right will go far in keeping your car running. It is also a great time to see what else may be going on with wear and tear - catching an issue during an oil change has the opportunity to save you money long term if problems can be addressed before they are severe.

Dayes is a full service repair shop - we believe in cheaper maintenance costs rather than big repair costs. Check out our discounts and let us complete your next oil change with our free 21 point inspection - we want to make sure you can maintain a safe and dependable ride.