Best Tires in Phoenix, AZ

Finding the best tires, especially in a warm weather climate like Phoenix, AZ can make real difference in driving experience around the valley.  Not only can it affect the feel of the road, it is also a real safety issue to ensure you have tires maintained in the proper manner. 

One of the easiest things to do is select tires in the same size that were installed by the auto maker.This ensure that the original specifications are maintained for your vehicle as it was originally designed. It’s also essential to make sure that important safety systems like anti-lock brakes, stability control and traction control aren’t adversely affected by a new tire size which may throw off computer calibration. 

Most importantly, finding a tire that meets all your needs AND has the warranty is and tread life you expect will often not be the least costly option – but it may well return the best value for your tire dollar.

Dayes Automotive Center is not a tire shop - we have trained mechanics that look at every facet of your vehicle's performance and safety.  Even though we are not tire jockey's, we do apply our training and skill to ensure you have the right tire based on your distance traveled, how you drive and where you drive.For the best Phoenix tire experience, give us call today.