Car AC Repair in Phoenix 85040,85034,85042,85283

Dayes Automotive Center believes in dependable car AC in the summer months – especially in Phoenix! People living in the valley needs AC you can depend on. If you drive, there's probably little you hate more than your car AC blowing hot. The trade-off between comfort and expensive, time-consuming hassles no one looks forward to. We are car guys and we have families and we feel the same way! Fortunately, there are only a couple important things to know that can help.

Keep in mind Car AC is really a refrigerator and a fan in a weird layout. 

All it really does is move heat from inside your car to outside your car. There are lots of parts that do this, but the main ones are a compressor and condenser, a fan and blower, and a switch. With that in mind, the following explanations of auto air conditioning should give you a start on figuring out what the problem might be. This also helps in explaining to someone what the problem may be.

The air cooing process works like this:

The compressor puts the refrigerant under pressure and sends it to the condensing coils. Compressing a gas makes it quite hot. In the condenser, this added heat and the heat the refrigerant picked up in the evaporator vents to the outdoors. Refrigerant is cooled to its saturation temperature, and changes from a gas back into a liquid The liquid passes through the expansion valve to the evaporator and loses pressure. This liquid changes to a low-pressure gas and cools the remaining liquid. Both the gas and the liquid flow into the evaporator where the liquid portion of the refrigerant absorbs the heat from air outside the coil and evaporates.

All that is left is the blower circulates air across the cold evaporator and into your car – the velocity of that controlled by the switch (low, medium, high, etc). Refrigerant goes through this cycle repeatedly – especially in Phoenix!

Fixes to Car AC are generally several things:

  1. Checking for leaks of the refrigerant – sometimes – this requires UV light and a dye
  2. Making Sure the compressor is on – making sure the pulley is turning
  3. Making sure the blower is on and blowing – checking the motor to checking the fuse, the switch, etc

The main things to look for is any air blowing at all and is the air cool at all.

Don't underestimate the value of word-of-mouth. Talk to all of your neighbors and tell them where you go – advertise to a local Facebook group, tell your friends and family. There's nothing like first-hand experience to inform people about good car AC repair - many shops will give you a discount for referrals. Dayes Automotive Center believes in reliable car AC repair and we love referrals!