Car Tire Tips for Phoenix, AZ

Tire Maintenance and Tips for Getting the Biggest Bang for Your Buck                            

Dayes Automotive Center is your nearby mechanic delivering fast tire repair in Phoenix at a discount price with all the quality and dependability you relay on. Tire repair in Phoenix has to be done right because we are an extreme weather market and because cars tend to run HOT here. 
There is the obvious: 

Watch the pressure as there are big benefits of correct air pressure. Experts agree that keeping the pressure right is as important as giving your engine a tune-up. With the right amount of air pressure, your tires wear longer, save fuel, enhance handling, and prevent accidents. Failure to maintain the correct air pressure can result in poor gas mileage, reduce tire life, affect vehicle handling, and cause vehicle overloading.

But what about the less common tips about getting the most from your tire purchase?

BUY LEFTOVERS: Last year, a friend bought a set of Pirelli Scorpions. They were new but discounted, because they were four years old. He asked the Tire Rack rep. "They have the same warranty as a tire that was manufactured last month," he said, "but they might have less ultimate grip." Ultimate grip is more of a priority on the track - and he is not racing.

ROTATE THEM: Most modern front- and all-wheel-drive cars have square tire setups in which all wheels are the same size and the tread isn't directional. Even so, rotating regularly will ensure uneven wear is mitigated and spread evenly across all 4 rims. You'll even out the wear and they'll last longer. Bonus - works with your bed mattresses, too.

CHECK PSI MONTHLY - in Phoenix, it is especially timely to check when it cools down.........Pay attention to the damn air pressure. Best-case result of negligence: lower miles per gallon. Worst case: Your soft tire heats up and blows out, like those Firestones on Ford Explorers. We try to keep thee number at the max psi figures written on the tire's sidewall when it is hot. Tires heat up (and raise the psi) when you drive.

IGNORE TREADWEAR vs. MILAGE: Honestly, this rating system shows how long a tire should last. Ignore it. Manufacturers invented the spec - just pay attention to the amount of tread depth left regardless of milage.

Dayes Automotive Center is a fan of preventive tire maintenance. We are passionate about quality tire repair in Phoenix at a discount price and only when it is necessary. Call us today and we will show you how it is done right.

Stay cool!