Expert Mechanic Nearby in Phoenix, AZ

Dayes Automotive Center is the nearby mechanic in Phoenix. We are a full service shop - if it is mechanical and automotive, we can fix it.  We are not bragging - we know we are that good. Being an independent neighborhood repair shop in Phoenix ensures you are getting work done right - we live our lives right next to our customers.  We pride ourselves on coming up with the right solutions to the problem - sometimes with customized solutions.

Our mechanics are ASE Certified.  Our Service manager is a Level 1 Master Mechanic - you can not get any better than that.

We are a little mercenary wen we say for safety and dependability we recommend one of the trained professionals at our shop, but we know your job will be done right - and if we need to space it for the household budget, we can work out a customized plan that will work for you.

I know that seems self serving but just as you go to the people with educations and training like Doctors, Lawyers, and Electricians, we encourage you to do the same for your car with a trustworthy nearby mechanic.

At Dayes Automotive, our state-of-the-art diagnostic tools will get your vehicle to its original factory standards and ensure that your vehicle is running at maximum performance. Our nearby mechanics will identify what your vehicle is saying and how best to treat it at a reasonable price to get you on the Phoenix roads again quickly.

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