Free Car Repair Services in Phoenix, AZ 85040,85034,85042,85283

Dayes Automotive is a total Car Repair and maintenance shop.  We proudly serve the greater Phoenix area and are long time residents. We also believe in doing right by the people of Phoenix who are our neighbors - when we can offer savings, we do so and this video by Scotty has a ton of great ideas on how to save money when dealing with car repair issues.

We encourage you to empower your self with all the knowledge and information to know how to be smart with your ride.  We hope that by doing so, you will understand when there is something bigger that needs to be addressed before a small car repair issue escalates into something that is a much larger spend.

Dayes is a full service shop - we also offer several free diagnostics - because we want to make sure you are confident you are getting a square deal.

We invite you to come in today and see for yourself -