Identifying Power Steering Issues in Phoenix, AZ

Tips for identifying power steering issues in Phoenix, AZ are few but easy. As cars age, power steering systems can wear out. Problems with alignment or the power steering pump can also cause the power steering system to stop working.

A power steering fluid leak can quickly affect the performance of your steering and render it much more difficult to get around.

There are really only a few issues that drivers can actively watch out for when it comes to your power steering, but these should be taken quite seriously as they constitute a potential safety risk. You can: 

·         Test your steering. If it is feeling looser than it should be, the issue could be caused by insufficient power steering fluid Check the power steering fluid level. If there's not enough fluid, it'll be hard to make turns. Unscrew the cap of the power steering pump                  and check the fluid level. If it's not full, buy power steering fluid and refill the pump. If you have to add fluid frequently, you may have a leak – we recommend brining it in in because we have not had good experience with eh fluid you add that is supposed to              stop a leak.

·         Inspect the hoses and lines around the power steering pump for possible leaks. Look for pink/brown fluid.

·         Lift the front end of the car. Check the seals of the rack and pinion for leaks. If you have an older car, you may have a recirculating ball unit to check instead.

·         Check for loose belts. Have someone turn on the engine and turn the steering wheel while you listen for any noise coming from the pump. A screechy or whining, loud noise indicates a loose belt that needs adjustment. It’s a possibility that replacing the belt           altogether is a better option, and as always, we will get your approval before we go ahead with the repair.

·         Monitor your turning. The most common cause of this is a leak in the power steering lines or in the pump itself. If you have a harder time than usual turning your steering wheel, it could require an inspection for leaks in the lines, followed by a check of the               pump.

If none of these steps pinpoints a problem, bring the car in to one of our certified mechanics so we can raise your car up on a lift to inspect it at the optimal angle. Out professional technicians can also look for problems within the steering column itself.

Power steering has been one of the most valuable advances when it comes to the mechanical advantage of the driver. Making sure that this advantage works when you need it most is the very definition of vehicle safety. Let us help you keep the edge, and keep control of your vehicle.

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Stay Cool –

Tim and Kent