Make Cleaning Wheels, Tires and Wheel Wells Easy in Phoenix, AZ

Making cleaning wheels, tires and wheel wells in Phoenix,AZ is easier than you think. Our roads are  

This video by Pro Detailing really does a nice job demonstrating the pitfalls and what products to use. 

Not only to clean and maintained tires add resale to your vehicle, clean tires also help identify problems with your tires like:

Abnormal tread wear

Cracks in the sidewalls

Bubbles or tread separation

Dayes Automotive believes in high quality service at affordable prices - tires are no exception. Tips on cleaning wheels, tires and wheel wells in Phoenix, AZ is info we love sharing because we like things to be done safely and correctly.

That is how we do business - plain and simple.  Stop by today for a free inspection or call for a quote from our showroom-quality detailers and you will see we are passionate about quality.

Stay Cool -

Tim and Kent