My Car's AC is not Cooling down in Phoenix, AZ

Living in Phoenix, AZ and having a car that won't cool down is extremely problematic - it's not like mid-west and we just open windows and drive.  The desert is real and unless you are also packing a fridge with cold drinks, AC is a fact of life for us in Phoenix.

As cars age, AC - and all the different components that allow it to work right - wear out and looses charge.

This video by fixbook demonstrates a well detailed approach to what the problem could be.

Dayes Automotive is a full service repair paint and body shop. We believe in dependable car repair at affordable prices. If your car AC will not cool down and would like a free quote, we invite you to call us at 602-682-7217 today. We will get your car to the shop and follow a very similar state-of-the-art diagnosis.

Stay Cool –

Tim and Kent