Myths about fuel savings and car maintenance in Phoenix, AZ

Not only does it save money on the long term, but regular car servicing and repair keeps the re-sale value on your car as high as possible because Phoenix is classified as an extreme climate area on all manufacturer’s maintenance schedules.

This European video from RACQ is great – it summarizes our philosophy at Dayes Automotive well:

Be smart and combine errands – don’t give into gimmicks.

Regular car servicing and repair also keeps long -term car repair costs down – catching it early usually means fixing it before it really gets bad – and as a car owner, you know bad usually means a lot of money. 

Dayes Automotive is a full service car maintenance and repair shop – with the key word being maintenance. We would much rather work with you when you hear a weird noise than when you need a tow.

If you think something is not quite right, you are probably right – car problems do not age well.  Trust your judgement and call us today.  Our car maintenance guaranteed to keep you on the road for less.

Stay Cool –

Tim & Kent