Nearby Mechanic Repair in Phoenix 85040,85034,85042,85283

Dayes Automotive Center is your nearby Mechanic in Phoenix. We know you need someone you can depend on in the tradition of local family owned repair shops. If you drive, there's probably little you hate more than car expenses – especially when it is not your idea, but rather a surprise from your car! The trade-off between comfort and expensive, time-consuming hassles no one looks forward to. We are car guys and we have families and we feel the same way!

A nearby mechanic you can trust is a relationship you want.

Originally from QuotesGraham,com, we thought this joke was unfortunately true of some of our own experiences and why we opened our store:

Some people worry about non-chain locations.  We think the above is not the norm of the traditional local nearby mechanic - we want to earn your trust as a new customer so you become a regular with us.  We want to know your car’s story so we can do the right thing, fix only what you need fixed right now and prioritize the rest. 

Don't underestimate the value of word-of-mouth. Talk to all of your neighbors and tell them where you go – advertise to a local Facebook group, tell your friends and family. There's nothing like first-hand experience to inform people about good nearby mechanics - many shops will give you a discount for referrals. Dayes Automotive Center is your nearby mechanic and we love referrals!