New tires - what you need to know in Phoenix, AZ

Dayes Automotive is all about discount prices for quality work.  Like most of you, we can think of a million things we would like to spend our hard earned money in Phoenix before new tires. Cardinals football, Zoo Lights, Nascar, a Sedona trip - these are all things that come to mind this time of year - notice that new times are not on the list.

That is why understanding when it is truly necessary for new tires is crucial - we can put it off for a while, but there is a point where it becomes unsafe.

This video by Milanmastracci is one of the best explanations we have seen on when you truly need a new set of tires.

Whether it is new tires for the Phoenix fall weather, free tire check-up, or a free check engine light repair, Dayes Automotive is a full service shop - check out our services and call us today - we are here to help keep you on the road and in your daily groove.