Phoenix, AZ Car Repair Tip #15 - Timing Belt Changes

Timing belt repair is one of the more labor-intensive and expensive car repairs in Phoenix, AZ. Dayes Automotive recommends you follow the maintenance schedule provided by the manufacturer and replace the timing belt as recommended. The timing belt drives the water pump in 60% of cars. The labor cost of replacing the water pump is significantly higher than the cost of the pump.

While replacing the timing belt, it is cost effective to replace the water pump. We highly recommend replacing the timing belt pulleys and tensioners. The tensioner applies pressure to the timing belt keeping it tight, while the pulleys keep the timing belt in line. These components are contain sealed bearings - they cannot be lubricated on a regular basis. The bearings wear out over time and may seize, causing the timing belt to come off, which can cause major internal engine damage.

If the pulleys and tensioners should fail after only replacing the belt, it can cause valve or piston damage and lead to more expensive repairs, in order to have the engine run properly. It is therefore essential to replace the whole set.

Because the timing belt’s job is to keep the crankshaft in sync with the camshaft(s), ensuring the proper timing and operation of the engine valves, it is a critical component. Ignoring the replacement of a timing belt as a part of scheduled maintenance, could result in major engine failure down the road.

Common symptoms indicating you may need to replace the Timing Belt:

  • Abnormal squeaking coming from the timing cover area.
  • If the timing belt breaks, the car will not start.
  • How important is this service?

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