Phoenix, AZ Facts - Engine Cleaners vs. Engine Servicing

People on Phoenix have asked - do engine cleaners really work? 

Many car dealers offer engine servicing as part of their maintenance packages.  Dayes Automotive believes these are just cheap additives being added to the oil and fuel systems - to truly do this right would require partial dismantling of the engine and a lot longer than 1/2 a Saturday. These services are expensive when compared to just buying engine cleaners and doing it yourself.  

So we decided to check - and we found this great video series online from Chris where he tested several of them. he successfully found one brand that seemed to work and we tried it for ourselves - and we agree - it worked great on my 2004 Chevy Suburban with 180K miles.

Dayes Automotive is a full service auto repair and car maintenance shop.  Making sure you have the right information for what you drive in and around Phoenix is important to us. If you want more info on how a standard maintenance schedule will support and mitigate mot only this type of maintenance but also major repairs, call us today and we will get you set up for a free evaluation.

Stay Cool -

Tim and Kent