Phoenix, AZ Facts about Engine Hose Maintenace

Engine hose maintenance in Phoenix, AZ should be done more often that you may think - we are simply hard on vehicles due to the heat.

Internal combustion engines are inefficient because they produce a large amount of heat in order to get going. The heat is produced within the engine by friction and combustion, and can reach as high as 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit in the chamber.

Engine hoses are already under pressure - if you are driving a car that is overheating but still has coolant, usually from a faulty thermostat, the high temperatures can cause the antifreeze to boil, expand, and cause intense pressure within the radiator hoses. This can potentially result in hoses suddenly bursting or spraying hot coolant from a weak or broken seal – the hot fluid can cause severe burns. 

Dayes Automotive believes in dependable auto repair at affordable prices – it is simply what we do. If you think you may have a hose leak or other concerns, call us today for a free inspection - you can trust us to be honest with what we find.

Stay Cool -

Tim and Kent