Phoenix, AZ Head Gasket Basics

A blown head gasket is one of the worst - case scenarios that can occur when you drive your car too long while it's overheating. Head gasket repair in Phoenix, AZ is done more often that you may think - we are simply hard on vehicles due to the heat.

Internal combustion engines are inefficient because they produce a large amount of heat in order to get going. The heat is produced within the engine by friction and combustion, and can reach as high as 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit in the chamber - add Phoenix temperatures, and head gasket repair can be better understood.

Not only is it devastating to your vehicle, it's also one of the costliest repair jobs you'll ever have. When the head gasket blows, it allows engine coolant to leak and mix with the engine oil. Vehicles are not designed to function properly with antifreeze in the oil.

Since a visual inspection typically will not identify a head gasket leak it is important to know the other problem symptoms:

  • Coolant leaking externally from below the exhaust manifold
  • White smoke coming from your exhaust pipe when engine is warm
  • Overheating engine
  • Bubbles in your radiator or coolant overflow tank
  • White, milky engine oil
  • Significant loss of coolant with no visible leaks

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Stay Cool -

Tim and Kent