Phoenix, AZ Hybrid Battery Repair and Refurbishment

Now that the first hybrids are 10-15 years old, Hybrid Battery Repair or Hybrid Battery Refurbishment in Phoenix, AZ is becoming more and more important as the vehicles are outlasting the battery packs.

This video by Tim does a great showing the steps and what is needed in order to do this work - which fortunately can be done for 1/3 to half of the cost of a full replacement at the dealer.

I can not stress how important this is - in most cases, the car still has many miles left in it - I say this from experience as I drive a 2008 Toyota Prius - so dong this well and the right way is critical, especially when you consider you are dealing with an electrical component.  

This is not an easy activity - the need to take out most of the interior is daunting and frankly, if you do not have the experience or the right tools, you may want to bring it in to us as we have both - we have dome several of these now and it never ceases to amaze me how this really bring s a car back to life.

If you are getting the master error / critical engine light or if you have researched the error code and it has identified the hybrid batter pack, call us today at 602-682-7217 for a quality hybrid battery pack repair or refurbishment.  Dayes Automotive has worked hard to establish a good reputation - we will give you the honest report card on your vehicle.

Stay Cool -

Tim and Kent