Phoenix, AZ Transmission Maintenance Facts and Myths

Necessary transmission maintenance and repair required in Phoenix, AZ is one of the car repair items that is often confusing with many wives tales and partial truths.  Transmissions are one of the larger components on your vehicle - and if of maintained properly, one of the more costly repairs. Proper care and maintenance of your transmission is especially important in Phoenix with our harsher climate.

This video by Chris covers all the basics and is a very good example of covering the main points in how a transmission works and what to do to maintain it.

Dayes Automotive is a full service auto repair and car maintenance shop.  Transmission repair and maintenance in Phoenix is one of our core services that we provide to ensure you have what you need to drive uninterrupted and safely. If you feel your Transmission may be slipping or herky-jerky, call us today from a free inspection.  You can trust us to be honest in what we find.

Stay Cool -

Tim and Kent