Phoenix, AZ Weird Engine Noise Car Repair

Phoenix, AZ boasts some of the most extreme weather in the country and car repair, especially for weird car noises, can be the result. All cars have the their unique sounds - growing up, I always knew when my dad was home because I knew the sound his truck made when it came around the corner.

When your car is not running correctly or at its peak, one of its queues to you is through weird noises from the engine.  But what do they mean?

This video by DriverSide is great - it gives some good high-level ways to diagnose.

This assumes that you know what your car sounds like when all things are running correctly.  If you do not do it today, take your car out of the garage and park it near a solid wall - this bounces the sound back to you and you can truly hear how it sounds. knowing this, you will be able to immediately ID when a noise if off.

Dayes certified mechanics know how cars are supposed to sound.  More importantly, we know what you mean when you say your car screeches when it starts. Check out our services and call us today so we an get your car running at its right pitch.