Phoenix, AZ - slow or sluggish car acceleration - fuel filter test

Slow or sluggish car acceleration - even stalling - can be a sign of a bad fuel filter, something that is often over looked when trying to get the best MPG possible. Phoenix is not known for always having the cleanest fuel tanks - many of old shops from the 60's and 70's you may have noticed are closed - some have fences around them - often due to decaying fuel storage tanks beaten up by our clay soil

Bob does a great job showing how to test for a bad fuel filter in this video.

Replacing a bad fuel filter can certainly help keep you on your way - even get you there faster in the Phoenix traffic - especially if you are dealing with slow or sluggish - even stalling - car acceleration. Dayes Automotive Center can help - this repair is not expensive - and we usually turn these around in a few hours. If you feel your car is acting up, call us today so we can help -

Stay Cool - 

Tim and Kent