Phoenix Car Repair tip#14 - Diagnosing Suspension Issues

Car repair in Phoenix can be expensive when talking about suspension.  Phoenix roads, while not as bad as the potholes on Lakeshore Ave for anyone who is a Chicago transplant, takes their toll on a car's suspension.

Dayes Automotive mechanics are experts at both car or truck suspension - not only have we done a large amount of work here, we have done countless lifts, air-ride installs, and some real sweet custom lowering on true rat rods.

This video by Scotty is not that - but it is a great overview of what to look for when checking suspension.

Whether worn struts or ball joints, Dayes cares about quality work - suspension is honestly something that people overlook until it is so worn out that the only option is full replacement. Quality car repair in Phoenix, especially suspension work, starts with great diagnostics. Check out our services - we want to help!