Properly Diagnosing Power Steering Problems in Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix, AZ is hard on power steering and problems arise more from neglect than anything else because most systems are pretty self-sufficient.

Power steering has been one of the most valuable advances when it comes to the mechanical advantage of the driver. Making sure that this advantage works when you need it most is the very definition of vehicle safety. Let us help you keep the edge, and keep control of your vehicle.

This video by eHow really does a nice job explaining what to look for.

If none of these steps pinpoints a problem, bring the car in to one of our certified mechanics so we can raise your car up on a lift to inspect it at the optimal angle. Out professional technicians can also look for problems within the steering column itself.

Dayes Automotive is a full service repair paint and body shop. We believe in dependable car repair at affordable prices. Phoenix, AZ is tough on vehicles. If you think you have diagnosed power steering problems and would like a free quote, we invite you to call us at 602-682-7217 today.