Quality AC Repair in Phoenix, AZ

Dayes Automotive Center is your nearby mechanic delivering quality AC repair in Phoenix at a discount price. We specialize in serving residents living in zip codes 85040, 85034,85042, 85283 but our car shop serves all Phoenix and Tempe residents. We are local AC repair experts  - we grew up in the Valley and know the demand - our team's quality AC repair gives you the dependability you rely on. Auto repair in Phoenix - especially AC repair - has to be done right because we are an extreme weather market and because cars tend to run HOT here. There are many car shops in Phoenix but as seen on TV, not all deliver quality repair.

We know AC repair – especially when unexpected – is a pain and sometimes tough on the budget.

Here are some things you need to know:


We understand sometimes it seems like a good idea to try on your own...................................... but that does not always work out so well.  Believe us - we have seen it all.

If your car or truck:

1. Cabin temperature is higher than normal because the AC no longer blowing as coldly as it once did.

2. The compressor clutch is not moving

3. The compressor is making loud noise when running it could be a number of different

We invite you to come in for a free diagnostic – we will be strait up and honest and work on what fits the pocket book the best. The AC compressor is the heart of the AC system. If you suspect that your AC compressor or another component of your vehicle’s AC system is having issues, we recommend you bring it in right away.

Dayes Automotive Center is a best practices repair shop - it is the only way we know how to do business because that is how we grew up - honest hard work and no short cuts. We are passionate about doing quality AC repair in Phoenix at a discount price. We are the owners, we live here, and we want to see auto repair done right from a real neighborhood car shop.

Call us today and we will show you. Stay cool!

Tim & Kent, Owners