Quality Auto Battery Maintenance in Phoenix, AZ

Dayes Automotive Center is your nearby mechanic delivering quality battery maintenance in Phoenix at a discount price. We specialize in serving residents living in zip codes 85040, 85034,85042, 85283 but our car shop serves all Phoenix and Tempe residents. Quality Battery maintenance or replacement we specialize in - with all the quality and dependability you rely on. Auto repair in Phoenix - especially battery maintenance - has to be done right because we are an extreme weather market and because cars tend to run HOT here. There are many car shops in Phoenix but as seen on TV, not all deliver quality repair.

We thought this hilarious picture a great example of things to avoid and why you want a good mechanic:



Car batteries are full of toxic chemicals and have to be dealt with specially when they die. The green thing to do is to squeeze as much life out of them as possible and decrease the overall amount of batteries that you are going to need in your lifetime.

 Here are the top 3 things to know to keep your battery in good working order:

  1. Keep clamps and clean away grease, dirt and oxidation. A filthy battery connection will weaken the charge.
  2. If your battery is jiggling around, it could tip over. A loose battery bashing against other parts of your engine is bad and battery acid spilling all over your motor is also bad. Keep the battery tray clean and make sure the battery sits correctly.
  3. If you're stretching the life of a conventional battery, you may have to add some water to it. Always use distilled water to refill.

Dayes Automotive Center is a best practices repair shop - it is the only way we know how to do business because that is how we grew up - honest hard work and no short cuts. We are passionate about doing Quality auto battery mainenance in Phoenix at a discount price. We are the owners, we live here, and we want to see auto repair done right from a real neighborhood car shop.

Call us today and we will show you. Stay cool!

Tim & Kent, Owners