The Importance of Oil Change in Phoenix 85040, 85034, 85042, 85283

Oil changes in Phoenix are a necessary evil of car ownership - it is an expense that can not be avoided. Dayes Automotive Center literally gets people in and out in 15 to 25 minutes. We know you need someone you can depend on in the tradition of local family owned repair shops. Because oil in a car is like blood in your body, it breaks down and wears out. Just like your body reproduces new red blood cells and hemoglobin, replacing your oil regularly is the number 1 thing you can do to maintain your engine. Everyone needs an oil change at some point.

Vicky does a great job explaining why this is important in the attached video - it is the best one we have seen.

Local neighborhood repair shops like Dayes Automotive Center were established to make sure you get quality work at a good price - and only the work that is needed.  Unlike the chain repair shops, there are no quotas – you are going to get a better deal that with the national chains.  And unlike the national chain repair shops, we don’t have set amounts that need to be charged for a service – we work with people on what repair is needed first, and how much they can afford. Oil changes help us do that and help us do the right thing for you.

There's nothing like first-hand experience to inform people about good oil change shops in Phoenix – we love to give a discount to people referring others to us. Dayes Automotive Center is your Phoenix oil change HQ and we love referrals! Call us today at 602-682-7217.