What to Avoid in Car Shop Repairs in Phoenix, AZ

Many people ask us if we perform collision repair as Dayes Automotive Center serves Phoenix not only as a full service car shop with repairs but also with paint and body work.

We do not do collision repair - it carries a whole other layer of complexity and expertise and honestly, patience for precision work that we do not think is worth the time to invest in the work.  Honestly, when collision work is involved, the margins are not as good - especially in severely damaged vehicles.

The found this story by ABC news interesting as it seems to back-up our thoughts - just too bad the solution for the car shop in question was to try and cheat the system, and in the process endanger the people driving in the vehicle.

Dayes Automotive serves Phoenix as a full service car shop offering a whole range of repairs and services but tour body and paint activity is completely separate - they do even occupy the same shop space.

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