Wildest do-it-yourself vehicle repairs seen in Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix has its share of wild do-it-yourself vehicle repairs.  When it comes to car repair, many people like to try a do it yourself approach first  - after all, who really likes spending on a car repair.  People love BUYING cars - but when it comes to car maintenance and repair - it is just not the highest priority on where to spend money.

We have seen our share at the shop.  Not all of these in this compilation are from Phoenix - but we thought this such a great collection, we wanted to share.

Needless to say, we recommend using a professional and certified mechanic trained in proper repair - it is the only way to we know that you will have dependable rides you do not need to second guess the safety on.

Dayes Automotive is a full service auto repair and car maintenance shop.  You may have seen some wild do-it-yourself vehicle repairs around Phoenix, AZ - but we want to assure you that is not something you will see coming from our shop. Call us today if you think you may be in over your head - we will make sure you have something to be proud of.